Lead Discovery Center

The Lead Discovery Center (LDC), based in Dortmund, Germany, was established in 2008 by Max Planck Innovation, a technology transfer organization, as a novel approach to capitalizing on excellent basic research of new therapies for diseases with high unmet medical need. LDC takes on promising early-stage projects from academia and transforms them into innovative pharmaceutical leads that reach initial proof-of-concept in animals. In close collaboration with high-profile partners from academia and industry, LDC is building a strong and growing portfolio of small molecule leads with exceptional medical and commercial potential. LDC maintains a preferred partnership with the Max Planck Society and has formed alliances with renowned pharmaceutical companies as well as leading translational drug discovery centres around the globe. In April 2017, LDC, Max Planck Innovation and SOTIO have signed a collaboration and license agreement providing SOTIO with exclusive rights to an oncology program addressing a novel target in tumor metabolism (see the press release here). This collaborative program is referred to as SO-L103. For more information please visit: http://www.lead-discovery.de/en/.

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