SOTIO® SO-C101 is developed in collaboration with Cytune Pharma, an affiliated company of SOTIO. SO-C101 (RLI15) is a human fusion protein of IL-15 and the high-affinity binding domain of IL-15Rα. It is a novel immunotherapeutic approach with potential applications in a variety of oncology indications. In preclinical experiments, SO-C101 has been shown to stimulate and induce proliferation of immune effector cells, such as cytotoxic T cells and NK cells, but it does not stimulate the immune-inhibitory regulatory T cells. Based on the preclinical experiments, SO-C101 is more potent and better tolerated compared to the unmodified IL-15 or IL-2. SO-C101 and other products based on this platform allow for combinations with other immunotherapeutic strategies including checkpoint inhibitors.

SOTIO and Cytune Pharma are closely collaborating on bringing SO-C101 program to the clinical development stage. Cytune Pharma raised funds from PPF Group and other investors to advance the SO-C101 program to Phase I clinical trials and broaden its immunocytokine and immunomodulokine product pipeline based on RLI15.

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